The no hassle way to invest in real estate without the expense of property management

What is LendingHwy?

LendingHwy is a private Capital fund that gives qualified investors a unique opportunity to invest in Real Estate without the risk or hassle of owning and managing individual investment property. LendingHwy is open to new investors and seasoned investors looking to diversify. Investors who want to earn systematically, repetitively, through an investment vehicle that has significant downside protection and low volatility.

Real Estate Investing

Maximize your returns by investing with LendingHwy

  • one

    Portfolio Diversification

  • two

    Minimum Risk

  • three

    No Monthly or Managed Fees

  • four

    High Returns

  • five

    ROI Ahead of Inflation

  • six

    No Long-Term Hold Period

Why invest in Real Estate?

Real estate investment has proven to be a valuable asset for many investors over the years. Unlike other forms of investment, real estate provides a sense of security as it is a tangible asset that can be physically managed and improved. It is also less volatile than other investment types, making it a less risky option. Furthermore, it has a relatively stable appreciation trend over time, which makes it a smart choice for long-term investors.

Another advantage of real estate investing is the ability to generate passive income. Real estate assets such as rental properties can provide a steady stream of cash flow for investors, which can be used to reinvest in other properties or even used as a primary source of income. This makes it a particularly attractive option for those looking for a steady stream of income in retirement.

Finally, real estate investments can also provide significant tax benefits. Real estate investors can deduct expenses such as property taxes, mortgage interest, and property depreciation from their taxable income. These tax benefits can help reduce an investor's overall tax liability and improve their bottom line.

  • Real estate investing has provided an average annual return of 10.71% over the past two decades, compared to the S&P 500's 6.06%.
  • Real estate can provide a hedge against inflation.
  • Real estate investments can be leveraged to increase returns.
  • Real estate investing can provide a sense of control and ownership.
  • Real estate can provide a legacy asset for future generations.

Investor Interest Rates

Earn an Annual Percentage Yield of:

  • 8% - $50,000-$74,000

  • 8.5% - $75,000-$150,000

  • 9% - $151,000-$300,000

  • 9.5% - $301,000-$500,000

  • 10% - $501,000-$750,000

  • 10.5% - $751,000+

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Real Estate

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